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Eye with cataract

Cataracts are far more common than many people think, and the risk of contracting at least one cataract increases as you get older. Cataracts can impair vision and worsen over time, making it vital for regular and thorough eye exams to detect the signs of cataracts early. Visit or call Eye Consultants of Northern Virginia, serving Springfield, Woodbridge, and Centreville, VA, to schedule your eye exam or learn more about eye surgery.

Eye Surgery for Cataracts

Are you at risk for cataracts? Cataracts is a condition where the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. It is a common condition afflicting people primarily over age 40, but it can also be seen in younger patients. There is no treatment for cataracts, and it is not reversible. However, you can replace the lens and restore sight with surgery.

Cataracts can worsen over time when left untreated, leading to blindness. If you experience blurriness, halos around bright lights, and sensitivity to light, you may have cataracts. Another sign of a cataract is when it seems like your eye prescription fluctuates and changes frequently. Some patients may experience headaches from straining to see clearly when they have a cataract.

Surgery is the only way to resolve cataracts. It is an outpatient procedure that is very commonplace. Your eye doctor will determine if you are a candidate for cataract surgery, and you may find that following surgery, your vision is better than ever!

Eye Exams for Detection of Cataracts

The only way to detect and diagnose cataracts is through a full exam that includes dilation of the eyes. This is imperative; do not skip dilation. Make sure you bring a driver to assist you in getting home after your ophthalmology appointment. Dilation can be uncomfortable for a couple of hours, but it is an integral part of maintaining eye health and preventing problems later.

Do You Need Your Eyes Dilated and Examined for Cataracts? Call to Schedule an Appointment Today!

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