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Putting in eye drops

One of the conditions we commonly see and help treat are watery eyes or tearing. Although there are a variety of causes, the way the eyes become watery are from an overproduction of tears, poor drainage of tears, or both. 

For the adult population, dry eye is probably the most common cause of tearing. This may sound counterintuitive at first, but individuals with dry eye can actually have watery eyes because the body will try to overproduce tears to help restore a more normal ocular surface. This is similar to the tearing that can occur when you get poked or get debris in the eyes.

Watering related to poor drainage of tears may occur as a result of a blockage of the normal pathways that remove tears from the eye. This may include drooping of the lower eyelid and/or narrowing of the tear duct “plumbing.” Fortunately, there are several treatments we can offer for the above conditions and can range anywhere from artificial tears and/or surgery.  

To properly assess which type of watering is occurring and determine the best treatment plan for you, a full ophthalmologic exam is necessary. Our team at Eye Consultants of Northern Virginia, PC includes dry eye, ocular surface, lacrimal/tearing, and oculoplastic reconstructive specialists who will work in concert to provide you the best patient care possible. 

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