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Putting in a contact lens

Protect Your Eye Health With Proper Contact Lens Care

With school right around the corner, everyone is rushing to make sure that they are up-to-date with their healthcare. One of the most important exams that people should receive every year is an annual eye exam. It is critically important for everyone to take care of their eyes, particularly if they wear contact lenses. With this in mind, Eye Consultants of Northern Virginia would like to provide every family in the Springfield and Woodbridge, VA, areas with a few reminders regarding how they should take care of their contacts and eyes.

Take Out Contacts Every Day

The majority of contacts need to be removed on a daily basis. Most people tend to forget that they have their contacts on. Leaving contact lenses in the eyes for an extended period of time can lead to dangerous health problems. Make sure to take them out before bed every night to ensure that the eyes have a chance to breathe and recover.

Use Sterile Solution Only

Sterile solution plays a critical role in making sure that the eyes do not develop an infection. This solution helps to kill anything that accumulates on the lenses and ensures that your contacts feel fresh when they are put back in the eyes the next day.

Change the Lenses as Prescribed

Contact wearers need to make sure that they are changing their lenses regularly. Over time, the contact lens will start to wear down, and may cause discomfort in the eyes. Some contacts need to be changed every day while others every two weeks or once a month. Change them as prescribed to keep the eyes feeling healthy.

Maximize Your Eye Health with Proper Contact Lens Care

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