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Eye examination in progress

Diabetes can cause a variety of eye problems and in extreme cases lead to blindness.  Therefore, it is very important for anyone who suffers from diabetes to visit their eye doctor or ophthalmologist regularly.  Diabetic eye problems include blurry vision, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy.  Chat with one of our physicians at Eye Consultants of Northern Virginia with locations in Springfield & Woodbridge, VA about the best ways to care for diabetic eye problems.

Eye Problems Associated with Diabetes

Blurry Vision can occur when the blood sugar gets too high.  Elevated blood sugar can cause the lens to swell, which makes vision blurry. This problem can be fixed by getting blood sugar back to where it should be.  Glasses should not be needed, but be sure to alert your eye doctor or ophthalmologist of this issue, so they can be sure it is not a more serious problem.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that people with diabetes are more likely to have.  There are several forms of glaucoma and it is a condition that occurs when pressure builds up in the eye and the fluid cannot properly drain.  Treatments include medications, special eye drops, and laser treatments depending on the type of glaucoma.

People who have diabetes are also more likely to get cataracts.  This condition often sets in earlier and gets worse faster for diabetics than in the general population.  Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye gets cloudy, making it difficult to focus.  Surgery will be needed to replace the cloudy lens with one that is artificial.

A final eye condition that is common to those who have diabetes is diabetic retinopathy.  This condition occurs when there is damage to the small blood vessels in the retina and can cause blindness if not treated early.

Anyone Who is Living with Diabetes is Invited to Make an Appointment with an Eye Doctor or Ophthalmologist at Eye Consultants of Northern Virginia with locations in Springfield & Woodbridge, VA to Discuss Diabetic Eye Problems You can call us at 703-451-6111 to schedule an appointment today!